Welcome to my fresh new blog!

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I'm Giacomo and I'm so glad to be able to say "welcome to my blog"! I decided to start my own blog a long time ago, about three or four years ago if I don't go wrong, but for one reason or another I couldn't do it until now and if I can be honest with you I'm also happy that I had to wait so much. I grew up a lot in 4 years as a person and as a developer, I also wrote a lot of articles on wordpress for other people learning all the tricks and the secrets about wordpress, I crafted my own theme and the most important thing is that the reasons why I wanted to start writing my posts are changed.

So why this blog Giacomo?

Well that's a fair question, let me explain. The original idea was to create a web-magazine like tutorialzine or css-tricks with whom I would have tried to reach as many people as possible to make myself known in the web. So I used to think, like a lot of people do, that the world needed another blog filled with nothing else than words about developing, articles that explain code and useful snippets that everyone love. With this I'm not saying that I dislike those kind of posts, but we all know that they're popping out like mushrooms in the web and if I can be honest with you I don't want to write that kind of things anymore. What I really want now, and so the reason why I started it, is to have a unique place where I am free to express myself, reflect about the work that I have to do and that I'm planning to do and, very important, to keep track of my projects. Now maybe the posts I'll publish won't be interesting or maybe they will be (and if you will like them I will be the happiest person on this world), but that's absolutely not the point. This blog will be a public diary of a little guy that lives in Italy trying to realize his dreams.

So why are you writing in english?

I wanted to talk about this decision that I took just to truly understand how much people and their ideas can change during a certain period of growth. I remember that when I started thinking to open my own blog, I was also starting to study programming languages through english websites and at that time I wasn't so confident with English and so I used to spend precious time on Google trying to search for italian papers and often they were even worse than the English articles that I was able to find... I was just 11 or 12 years old and in this way I started learning this wonderful and awesome language that I'm now writing in with the idea that a day I would have translated everything in italian if I'd ever opened a blog so to help people who don't know english very well to understand those articles. And guess what? Now I'm doing everything except translating those things in italian. I had to take this decision some days ago and honestly I can't choose any language but English if I want to be understood by a bigger number of people and doing this, of course, helps me to improve my ability.

You're awesome, we get it but what do you do?

My first year of university is about to start and in a week I will be living with a friend of mine in a new city where we will have our own house, so my official profession would be "computer science student" but generally I love almost every kind of art. I like writing stories (in italian obviously), composing and playing music, drinking tea, studying typography, watching the sky with my telescope and a lot of other stuff but if there is something that I like as much as programming is cinema. I'm an addicted cinephile and I like watching Tv shows, Movies, short films, feature films and everything that has been shooted with a camera. You understand that I don't lie when you see my trakt profile.

So I think we're arrived at the end. In the next days I will post the project I'm working on but now the only thing I feel I have to say is that while this first post is published a whole new life is starting for me and I hope everything will go well... and now let me tell you that with this post we had finally a wonderful liftoff.